Landscaping Design / Build



Whether your Lake Havasu Landscaping Design  ideas are scribbled on the back of a napkin  or rendered by an architect , Garitee Landscaping Lake Havasu can make that drawing a reality.  Everyone is different and everyone has different tastes thats is why Garitee landscaping  design offers free consultation during the design process because at the end of the day its your yard. Your Landscaping  design ideas combined with or without our advice becomes the landscaping  design that you want, and we won’t leave until its executed the way  its designed.

If you decide that you want us to take the reins on your outdoor atmosphere. We can guarantee you a one of a kind Lake Havasu Landscaping design. We try hard to not to make your yard look like everyone elses




 Sure we could show up plant a tree, throw down  some mickey mouse or kidney bean shaped dirt mounds with a couple of lantanas and a ton of colored rock and call it a day if thats what you want. Every day we find ourselves competing with the rest of the block trying to make our customers landscape standout the best with what we are working with. Whether its a $1500 or $15,000 landscape we don’t cut corners and we build them with pride .


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Garitee Landscapes (928)208-7188