Bobcat Services and landscaping in Lake Havasu city

Our Bobcat Service and Landscaping in Lake Havasu City is #1

With over 14 years of Bobcat service experience in Lake Havasu city alone we have seen almost every scenario.

We cover all Bobcat services From moving dirt to to pulling  out engines . If the Bobcat  is Capable then so are we. You’ll be amazed in how much we can get done within our 2 hour minimum here is a list of what we can do:

Grading ,trenching ,cutouts ,backfills

Gravel spreading, planting of trees and shrubs, removal of trees and shrubs

Concrete removal , hauling , drainage , irrigation repairs and new system installs

Retaining wallls , garden walls , Patios , firepits , pavers ,flagstone , travertine

Sodgrass , synthetic Turf grass ,wrought iron ,chainlink aand wood fences and more.

We also have a wide variety of aggregate available such as : sand dirt and gravel , boulders and wall rock.  So when your tired of that shovel and wheelbarrow , Give us a call at (928) 208-7188. Just one call can give you an all new outdoor environmemt.

below are some rates for the bobcat service


*Do you fear the monsoon waters could enter your home ?

  This past year I’ve had several calls about drainage issues or lack there of. When a new home is under construction in Lake havasu City you  have  a building permit which have a list things that have to meet city code and will be inspected. At the end of construction they have what is called a Final Grade – in a nut shell any water run off  from your property must stay on your property until it either hits a wash , or the street this is normally achieved with a 12″ x 12″ compacted dirt berm or waddles. around the perimeter of your  property. All water must flow away from the house and towards the street or wash. This is achieved by grading the terrain.

So Garitee Landscapes & BoBcat service has done several final grades passed the inspection and stayed on the job to landscape the rest of the property. In my opinion one of the most causes of flooding come from your neighbors water runoff above you , because the first thing 90% of home owners ask me to do is remove the berm /waddles so they can park or fit some thing in that space. Then they get a kick out of me when I tell them thats not a good idea due to drainage issues….”ah this is the desert it never rains here” so I level it for them, its there property and if that’s what their runoff flood the house below.

Lately, I’ve come across lots of substandard final grades , such as this one . I took these pictures when the homeowner called me from the bay area and was concerned about flooding and also wanted some landscaping. When I  got there I noticed that the corner of the garage had the bottom of slope about 1″ from it I looked up the slope an noticed no berm on the property line. So basicly the neighbors runoff and the houses above them would all wash right down the corner of the garage.  So a week later we had our first monsoon I was home outside watching the storm roll in then it started dumping buckets , then I remembered “that  garage!!!”  my equipment was on the other side of town but I lived a few blocks from their house. Armed with a pick axe and a shovel  I raced over there when I got there the water was already at the door needless to say I channeled the water to the street and saved the garage that was full of their  things because they had not yet moved in.  So I got the job. I graded it as I was landscaping then another storm hit before I had a chance to open up where all the water was supposed to exit as  you can see in picture 3

bad final grade Example of a bad final grade

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